Fivetech's index design AUTO LOCK retractive type. The built-in ferrule metal stop and the lock metal stop have a strong stop structure and high mechanical reliability. Strong torsion structure and high mechanical reliability. Understand the best key fastener solution for the chassis handle lock of the servo storage equipment system

Servo storage equipment system chassis handle lock, using AUTO LOCK retractive type built-in torsion spring, Torsion Spring built-in ferrule metal stop and lock metal stop has a strong stop structure and high mechanical reliability, the plastic knob assembly with metal rivets has a strong torsion structure and high mechanical reliability. AUTO LOCK retractive type unlocking and locking function is an Fivetech index design , we can measure the size and performance of the chassis handle lock. AUTO LOCK is specially designed to lock when unlocking by simply Press; when returning locking, simply Twist can reversed to auto lock.

As the integration of server storage equipment is getting higher and higher, the defender of the handle lock used in the server chassis works regularly and stably for entire set of chassis is functioning properly, and the security state of being safe from danger of any possible damage caused by abnormal vibration or prevent sliding of the chassis . The design of the automatic locking fastener of the server is a key requirement. Because the switching frequency of the server chassis is usually very high, whether it can effectively lock automatically is one of the most prerequisites for the stable operation of the server








伺服存储设备系统机箱把手锁, 利用自动锁回缩型内建扭簧Torsion Spring内建套圈金属止动部和锁止金属止动部具有较强的止动结构和较高的机械可靠性,带有金属铆钉的塑料旋钮组件具有较强的扭转结构和较高的机械可靠性。自动锁回缩型解锁上锁功能是Fivetech一指标性设计,我们可以衡量机箱把手锁规格尺寸性能在扣接处作局部自动锁AUTO LOCK对锁特殊设计,解锁时, 只需要简单按压Press即可解锁. 回归定位时, 同样扭转Twist 扣回即可自动上锁。

随着伺服器储存设备的集成度越来越高,伺服器机箱所用的把手锁是正常稳定工作的捍卫者,为了确保伺服器机箱不间断的工作,处于安全状态,避免因异常振动引起的任何可能损坏或防止机箱滑动的危险, 机箱被抽取开关高频率破坏性必须有良好的把手锁提供整组机箱的正常运作。因此,伺服器的自动锁扣件设计是关键必备条件。由于伺服器机箱抽取开关频率通常很高,能否有效地自动锁将是伺服器稳定工作的前提条件之一。



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