Fivetech innovative SMT (Surface Mount Technology) fastening technique enable captive screw easily and accurately assembled on PCB without deviation and skew. SMT full automatic reflux welding process can increase production stability and efficiency. It can also reduce the damage risk of circuit caused during assembling, to eliminate the concerns of the damaging board disposal. Employs the SMT for assembling a captive screw to PCB, just need one automatic process, differ from press-fit style. No need extra production line to punch captive screw. Fivetech SMT series products economize assembling production by providing cost effective solution for our clients.

Stop ring achieve 100% pick and place yield rate and soldering reliability.

All in one functional device- stop ring will remove after SMT reflow, and it provides:

Accurate Placement

To install a captive screw improperly on PC board can increase the scrap rate, result in damage to a high-tech board, reduce yield rate. It may occur concerns of increasing the board disposal and the production cost to the PCB manufacturers.

*Stop ring enables SMT captive screw fix X.Y Axis (A,B,C) in horizontal.

*Stop ring enables component to be easily and accurately assembled without deviation and skew

*No contaminated risk during pick & place operation.

Solder Stop

*Stop ring will prevent thread damage caused by inflow of tin in SMT reflow process.

*Stop ring can keep 100% soldering paste saturation, to achieve its solidity guarantee

*Without stop ring, it may cause the problem of solder paste reflow into inner ferrule and lose the paste saturation, or contaminated between outer ferrule and PCB. The result will lead to the increasing of the failure rate and rework cost.  

Fivetech SMT Captive Screw provides Color Management Solution            

  • Material of plastic knob can sustain the high temperature in SMT process, its production follows standard SMT process to ensure the quality reliability.
  • Fivetech know-how by using unique materials and special technique to ensure quality guarantee.
  • Color management and Customization for SMT Captive Screw is provided to meet the best customer satisfaction.

Fivetech provide SMT Captive Screw with standard spec design and customized functional design

Fivetech SMT Captive Screw design to meet customer satisfaction by providing smart functional SMT standard spec products, and also design for limited space products, with choices of 29series, low profile 19series, 14series…To view more, browse our website SMT series page.

 SMT captive screw installation:









Plug in the traditional way lock pin on the PCB, customers often face uncertainty due to various production lines errors by manual, such as skew, deviation, loose parts or positioning while over fully tightened on PCB, all these errors will cause damage or lead to more serious cracks and cost-consuming waste of NG parts or damaged PCB.

SMT process the use of surface mounting Technology, first of all to insert the guide pins first or reel, and then automation pick and place process, vacuum nozzle suction guide pin from the reel, then delivery to the PCB with solder paste has already placed on the hole, after the guide pin placed into the hole ( or onto the PCB postion), then welding via SMT full reflux process, the process is by Heating-Soak-Reflow-cooling, four-steps procedures, cooled and solidified into a solid metal form to complete the welding process and to complete the installation. Therefore the process is the liquid solder paste cooled into a solid metal form, the whole process is using SMT automation process machine, will not cause distortion of loosen parts it can reach 100% yield. SMT process technique using on PCB for SMT captive screw/ guide pin/ standoff / nut is gradually replacing traditional PCB manufacturing technology.


SMT process advantages

  • Gradually replacing the traditional lock, with increased yield and cost-consuming
  • Replace the manual process to save time and reduce error-manufacturing costs
  • Automated mechanical process 100% yield pick and place fast and accurate positioning
  • Solder paste welding process, liquid metal cooling into solid metal, SMT process ensures the most stable assembly between the component and the PCB. 100% compatibility is also achieved without loosing parts doubts



Types of installation style on PCB applications

In addition, SMT process, due to the metal parts of different materials and shapes, in order to achieve a vacuum suction head adsorption effect more efficiently, it is recommended to use of Connect-cap or Mylar-patch.Mylar patch or connect-cap covering the top recess allowing maximizing stability of the vacuum to easily pick and place on the hole on PCB during the process. The Mylar patch or connect-cap then removed after the installation is completed.

  • Down insert through hole of PCB
  • On the turn welded on PCB
  • On the turn soldered into the PCB
  • On the turn soldered infix with the PCB
  • Conventional rotary locking mode



Fivetech latest SMT Plunger series is designate to replace traditional screws used on PCB; efforts to speed、space、time and cost performance.

Toolless features indeed to solve engineering maintenance demolition troubled province and time convenient, to accelerate the best repairing assembling performance; Plungers SMT on PCB - SMT soldering process can achieve 100% yield, eliminate the possibility of damage board, results time cost efficiency

SMT Plunger

SMT plunger primarily is designate to strengthen its all-in-one single piece design concept. Without the traditional screw installation to cause you time and trouble, SMT plunger is a free to use, easy to operate without any tooling. That can be manually operated directly to lock / unlock, simply by pull and turn to attached two panels, the plunger can auto-eject assembled and positioned. SMT plunger has gradually to replace traditional screws, indeed to solve engineering maintenance demolition troubled province effort to save money and time convenient to reach the best assembling acceleration performance. SMT plunger Series offers customized services in the knob materials, metal materials, surface treatment, length and size classification. Plastic knob color management is also available.





SMT low-profile/ miniature Plunger

When all the products in the pursuit of short, light design, use of space is the biggest challenge, Fivetech low-profile/ miniature size SMT Plunger is a thoughtful design to attached in limited space or between gaps.

SMT Mini Latch Lock

SMT Mini Latch Lock is plunger series extension products, the main difference is the knob design.Mini Latch Lock is conceptioned to model Ergonomic and Mechanical Leverage, to create a one single piece cutting edge component tailor-made latch lock.

Usage by only easily move the knob by 90 degrees to complete the assembly or disassembly. Mini Latch Lock with the plunger in addition to functions, the key point of designed is to bring a miniature knob shapes and sizes and installation style in SMT, tailor-made is available. Mini Latch Lock is suitable to assemble in all means of hardware device or SMT on PCB. SMT Mini Latch Lock is surly an attractive piece in appearance, durable in usage, plastic knob color can be managed for your company's proprietary ID.

Mini Latch Lock features point assembling, positioning, to lock/unlock in 90° degree folding action to complete the function. Toll-less benefit makes extremely easy and smart to operate, enables pallet parts to be positioned and released all in a single move. Mini latch lock is spec specifically for miniature usage possibilities can installed in any limit access of certain space. Or simply for its compact dedicate design.




SMT plunger series – Plungers SMT on PCB

SMT soldering process to assemble plunger on PCB can eliminate the possibility of skew or deviation, any errors could cause damage or lead to serious cracks that would cost time/money waste on NG cause.SMT process using on PCB for SMT plunger is gradually replacing traditional screws. SMT process ensures the most stable and secure assembly


SMT process first to insert the plunger on reel

auto pick and place process, vacuum nozzle suction plunger from the reel

Plunger delivery to PCB position

PCB already injected solder paste

SMT full reflux welding process- Heating、Soak、Reflow、Cooling

Complete the installation




Fivetech SMT Nut 82 series to provide complete range of product line for all thread sizes, gradually replacing the traditional assembly methods.   SMT soldering process can excluded the wary of cause of PCB damage by clinching stamping process damage.

Fivetech 82 series SMT Nut used on PCB has been widely accepted by the market. SMT technology has gradually evolved into a mature technology that has been gradually replacing the traditional assembling through its SMT process, allowing the assembly process to achieve maximum yield, the industry can take advantage of existing SMT production lines, the use of vacuum suction pick SMT Nut from the reel, pick and place onto the tin solder pasted on PCB, through tin heating and cooling process, the heat melt tin, cooling to solid tin to complete SMT Nut assembly process. SMT process can reduce damaged to PCB caused by punch skew placing nut on PCB, this result to often easily damage the board. To progress, SMT process can accurate positioning and results maximum yield.

Another reason customer choose SMT Nut is due to the design of the PCB, due to the demand of no drill hole on PCB. SMT process take advantage of none-perforated PCB design. SMT Nut will be placed directly on the PCB board, the same way to use of tin solder paste parts to fixed on board. Solder paste welding process, ensures the most reliable assembly.

Fivetech SMT Nut 82 series finish on all sizes and models are complete range of product line, providing customized design, multiple choices formality. Fivetech uphold quality control production quality advantage, from design manufacture to material out goods on reel, single production line to ensure quality control. Fivetech SMT Nut carry quality appearance to receive customers well commends and trusted recommendation.  



SMT Pick and Place process


SMT Tin solder paste process




New Fivetech SMT Spool special designed for quick remove and easy replace sub-cards to the server mainboard, fast re-connect or dismantle to complete the card-locking in just a second by simply place the sub-card downwards through the gourd-shape hole, then slide right-leftwards to horizontal locking direction.      

Due to the server application requirements of the server main board, it is often necessary to install various types of sub-cards onto the server motherboard, most of the sub-cards installation cannot be quickly removed or replaced, the dismantle function cannot reach second-buckle replacement. New Fivetech SMT Spool emphasizes that the motherboard can be connected with different sub-cards by spool-in installation in just a second. SMT Spool can be buckled at different heights, can be used between board to board as the high plate spacer. SMT process refers to surface mount technique of heat melting tin to tin-glue till cooling stables the SMT spool onto the PCB faceplates.

SMT Spool offers different functional and installation designs; SMT Spool micro low-profile can be using in mobile phones or notebook products; SMT Spool high-profile spacer can be used at the slot server as four-post spacer; SMT spring spool can be divided into non-locking version/locking version to define the different requirements for the lock card. Customers commonly uses on the server board combines SMT Spool + SMT Captive Screw, can emphasize the convenience of card installation and easy replacement.

SMT Spool thus contributing greatly to its product fastening purposes. Spool also adds a stopper piece in between main board and sub-boards. Using the spool sec-installation as the stopper piece, SMT Spool tightly sec-secures any panels in between caps and as the stopper piece. For another advantage, with the SMT spool fastening, it leaves level of method options between all fastened panels. When secured assembly methods are so complex, spool does make flexibilities when engineers move chassis and replace cards. Spool design main presents easy assembly and quick release purposes. As thread screwing is sort of disabled, by simply place the sub-board downwards through the bigger hole of the gourd hole, then slide the sub-board right-leftwards to horizontal locking direction the panel into the smaller hole. It second-secures as tightly as any other fasteners. It widens the product application spheres. It can additionally be pressed-in to the sides of chassis or faceplates, thus secures panels or faceplates on the sides of chassis as well. Not only does it save up ground space, it makes the best usage of a three-dimensional space.

Spool comes in useful for space limited chassis of main board where vertical actuation cannot be operated. For better, Spool’s horizontal locking system saves actuation space. Spool saves space, saves operation time and provides the easiest fastening method. SMT Spool can also be used as side-hangers, saving ground space.   


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