Fivetech to advance panel fastening accessory, to present Latch Lock as better efficient panel fastening solution. Latch Lock is designed to strengthen plunger series, to utilize lever function into its latch pulling handle to approach effort saving purpose, especially during removal of heavy panels it normally take much weighty workload while engineering maintenance. Latch Lock is purposed for panel point positioning, in 90° folding latch design to easy and fast lock/unlock two panels in one latch handle pulling pulling up the handle to drive the positioning-pin up to release the panel, down to homing the pin to lock two panels. Latch Lock is design to quick lock two panels, this accessory can latch to self-positioning, auto-install, lever handle allows for quick fastening and unfastening. Latch color management is available if is for plastic handle material. The size of device and assembly method can be customized. Latch Lock installation on sheet metal or plastic panels or motherboard by using press-in, flare-in, and SMT type. Latch Lock can be used in diverse panel products.





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