Fivetech Hinge Ejector-Hinge Auto Rotary Ejector, used to eject the connection between the sub card and the host card in the servo chassis, so as to pull the sub card cassette out of the chassis.

The gate-type design follows the blue handle to the left and right arrow quick switch. Lever structure handle can withstand heavy lifting, strong structure can be balanced with both hands to quickly and repeatedly pull

Hinge Ejector hinge auto rotates ejector. The gate-type left and right both handles design is convenient to hand hold. Press the blue plastic paddle switch to trigger the lock to unlock the ejector. The blue switch handle left and right arrows mark the finger pressing direction, press the left and right switches on both sides. You can simply use the automatic rotary ejector to easily and evenly pull out the sub card tray with both hands to release it from the host card. Follow the direction of the marked left right arrow on the blue handle, and press the blue handle contact. Release the locking function of the side auto-rotating ejector lock, release the internal auto-rotating wheel gadget to unlock the connection by releasing the connection, and disengage the connection between the sub and host card. When returning to the starting position, in order to use the retractor to retract It returns to the original positioning position. The lock head is designed to be automatically rotated back to its starting position, and the spring auto rebounds to return to its starting position. When returning to the hinge ejector, the plastic pick can be auto retracted to lock its original position.

The lever structure design of the ejector can save effort, and the lever configuration is easy to pop up and open. The strong structure of the handle can withstand heavy lifting, fast repetitive extraction and switching, and the elastic buckle is clear and fast. Modular design, easy process assembly.  The entire kit can also be customized, and enterprise color management can be performed.




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