Fivetech Security Screw-tool required to secure lock provide guard fastening solution, an excellent choice for safety control 

Fivetech security screw series , the focus is not just on the fastening itself, but on securing and protecting your product from the threat of security break. Each security screw to correspond its unique combination tool to lock/unlock. While many fasteners can be easily assembly or release without any security protection to preventing from unauthorized maintenance , it is often considered the engineering security level in many work station. The engineers often seeking more maintain access control to necessary guard the existing unlock components control on its hardwares server/storage/cabinet/rack…datacenter equipment.



Fivetech fastening design mainly aims tool-less feature development without using any additional tools can achieve lock function, to save time/ effort to reach highest energy efficiency.  However, On the contrary, the Fivetech Security Screw series for the use of lock driver tool/driver key, they have not only the general features of screws, but both the double-effect function of security lock fasteners. Fivetech continuates captive screw design, extend develops another security series provides two model tools : screw driver / driver key; screw head recess style can provide all kinds of custom-made to meet the specifications locking head design; Screw type selectable Spring loaded / thread in or other forms of lock mode.


Screw Driver Type



Driver Key Type