Fivetech Slide Lock's lateral drive design is new  in the design of fasteners in server chassis cabinets. Elasticity generates resilience. It uses an angle mechanism to slide the module to lock and unlock. It can easily perform vertical operation in a limited horizontal space. Vertical sliding Operate to lock and unlock


When pulling out the server from the cabinet drawer of any server cabinet and chassis, the space between the server chassis needs to be restricted. Fivetech Slide Lock replaces the general operation mode from the top vertical operation mode to the fastening mode, but the advantage of performing the new purpose of the fastener sideways, you can easily use two fingers to pull the arrow to lock/unlock the plunger for release and assembly. Fivetech horizontal slide lock lateral drive design is the position-horizontal slide plunger, especially to meet the special needs of server cabinets designed for space constraints. The operation of the sliding plunger lateral sliding mode is simply to pull the arrow to pull out the plunger to complete the locking/unlocking action. Characteristic design structure Pulling laterally to lock/unlock the sliding plunger, the positioning can be achieved by hand pulling, and the sliding plunger can be locked/unlocked by pulling, and the design function of the pull handle can be customized.


The structure of Fivetech Slide Lock sliding plunger mechanism is to use the strong elastic force contained in the pin. The special funnel-shaped hole is specially designed for the sliding mode. The plastic knob parts are designed in a special shape, which is easy to pull the arrow. Even if it is used in any deep cabinet, we can also customize it to adjust the length and size of the knob. Lightweight plastic parts can be made into CI mark, which is anti-rust and anti-static. Sliding plunger can save space, improve speed, firm fixation.







Fivetech 横向滑锁Slide Lock横向驱动设计在伺服器机柜设计扣件上創新, 弹力产生回弹力,使用斜角机构滑动模块以锁定解锁,在水平有限的空间内轻松进行垂直操作,垂直滑动操作以锁定解锁

从任何伺服器机柜机箱抽屉中拉出服务器时,服务器机柜之间都需要限制约束空间。 Fivetech 横向滑锁Slide Lock替代了从顶部垂直操作模式到紧固的一般模式,而是侧向执行紧固件新用途的优势,可以轻松地用两个手指来拉箭头锁定/解锁柱塞以进行释放和组装。 Fivetech横向滑锁横向驱动设计上創新-横向滑动柱塞,特别是为了满足针对空间限制而设计的伺服器机柜的特殊需求。滑动柱塞横向滑动模式的操作仅是拉箭头以拉出柱塞以完成锁定/解锁动作。特征设计结构侧向拉动以锁定/解锁滑动柱塞,手拉可以达到定位, 拉向滑动柱塞可锁定/解锁,拉手的外观设计功能可客制化, 为伺服器机柜机箱规格定制结构设计.

Fivetech 横向滑锁Slide Lock滑动柱塞机构的结构是利用销钉包含的强大弹力,特殊的漏斗形孔是专门为滑动模式设计的。塑料旋钮件为特殊形状设计,易于拉箭头,即使用于任何较深的柜子,我们也可以定制以调节旋钮的长度,尺寸。塑料零件重量轻可以制成CI标志,是防锈防静电。滑动柱塞可以节省空间,提高速度,固定牢固并造型美观。




Fivetech to advance panel fastening accessory, to present Latch Plunger as better efficient panel fastening solution. Latch Plunger is designed to strengthen plunger series, to utilize lever function into its latch pulling handle to approach effort saving purpose, especially during removal of heavy panels it normally take much weighty workload while engineering maintenance. Latch plunger is purposed for panel point positioning, in 90° folding latch design to easy and fast lock/unlock two panels in one latch handle pulling pulling up the handle to drive the positioning-pin up to release the panel, down to homing the pin to lock two panels. Latch Plunger is design to quick lock two panels, this accessory can latch to self-positioning, auto-install, lever handle allows for quick fastening and unfastening. Latch color management is available if is for plastic handle material. The size of device and assembly method can be customized. Latch Plunger installation on sheet metal or plastic panels or motherboard by using press-in, flare-in, and SMT type. Latch Plunger can be used in diverse panel products.




 Fivetech Slide Plunger new lateral actuation design is a leading in industry

When pull out server from any case-drawer, between server cabinet needs to limit constraint space. Instead of the general mode of from top side vertical operation mode to fastening, Fivetech Slide Plunger is advantage to new use of lateral actuation fasteners, can easily use two fingers to draw-arrow lock / unlock plunger to release and assembly. Fivetech new lateral actuation design is a leading in industry---Slide Plunger, particularly to solve the special needs of server cabinet designed for space restrictions. Slide Plunger laterally sliding mode operation is to only draw-arrow to pull out plunger to complete lock/unlock action.







Designed structure lateral pulling to lock/unlock slide plunger      

Hand pull could achieve the positioning

Draw-arrow slide plunger to lock / unlock

Complexion of pulling handle design and function  

Customized to structure for your server chassis spec


Fivetech slide plunger mechanism structure is to take advantage of the pin contains a strong spring force, special funnel-shape hole is special designed for slide mode. The plastic knob piece is special shape design for easy draw-arrow, even if is for any deeper cabinet, we can customized to adjust the knob lengthsize. Plastic parts is light weight can make CI logo, is anti-rust anti-static. Slide Plunger can save space, increase speed, secure fastening and make style.




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Fivetech Mini-Latch Plunger is a leverage design for point positioning, to lock/unlock two panels in 90° folding latch to complete the action. One piece tool with spring loaded pin to fix positioning, latch plunger is a well-design specially for easy operation. One piece tool compact design to apply in some particular restricted products. Toll-less function makes extremely easy and smart to fasten; miniature compact design is well suited for limited and restricted space; fix pin to secure fastening; special plastic latch design with selection of different color management; Mini-Latch Plunger applies press in, flare in or SMT assembly style.


This accessory can latch to self-positioning, auto-install to close drawer, assembling cabinet hardware, fabricate computer case, position server panels, assemble chassis and install IT rack. It can be used in diverse range of any two lock panel products.Fast installation and removal for sliding panel, enables pallet parts to be positioned and released in a movement.



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