智能拉手特殊手柄设计在拉动时具有人体工学的手柄优势。簧力紧固可确保重物拉提,避免滑倒或掉落,并增加了操作稳定性及便利性。更大的旋钮幽浮头设计可在您的指尖增加额外的指抓力,具有拉手满足功能和优势。可在您的指尖增加额外的强劲抓地力,提供强大的提手功能及更多载重量。强大的耐力设计提高了产品的安全性和可靠性。特殊的拉手设计可提供拉手能力,强大的耐力设计提高了产品的可靠性, 以进行塑料颜色管理,拉手增加了操作的便利性。智能拉手可提供四种不同的组装方式: Flare in, Press in, Screw in, SMT.





Fivetech introduces Smart Pull Handle to innovate the way of fingertip pulling and fastening, which embodies the special performance of elastic knobs to meet the versatility needs of hand-pulled fasteners


When the head knob design of the fastener is generally round shape like the ordinary design, it is often not suitable for various multi-functional purposes and finger-pull methods, and most of the space height restrictions required to cope with the chassis panel design are usually only as compact and short as possible. Or use of common ordinary hand-tightening screws without much of choices because of their inherent common functionality. However, in order to expand the customer’s response to new demands, the function of easily pulling, extracting and tightening the knob can be designed in the chassis panel with relatively limited space. Especially for the convenience of pulling, Fivetech has introduced a new Smart Pull Handle with a special super-large head type. The Smart Pull Handle is a button fastener product that promotes and enhances the resistance of the tension spring force. Assemble smart handles on the chassis or server drawers that need to pull or pull the chassis.


The special handle design of the Smart Pull Handle has an ergonomic handle advantage when pulling. The spring force tightening can ensure that the heavy objects are lifted avoid slipping or falling, and increase the operational stability and convenience. The larger knob UFO design can add extra finger grip on your fingertips, which has the function and advantages of handle satisfaction. It can add extra strong grip at your fingertips, provide powerful handle function and more load capacity. The strong endurance design improves the safety and reliability of the product. The special handle design can provide the ability to handle. The strong endurance design improves the reliability of the product and can manages the plastic color. The handle increases the convenience of operation. The smart handle can provide four different assembly methods: Flare in, Press in, Screw in, SMT.



In general, fastener’s knob designs as round circular shape as normal main design, which cannot satisfy multifunctional usages, and mostly required to cope with space restrictions are usually designed as compact as possible for the fine small hand spin convenient functionality.
Nevertheless, to extend the new demands of the customer response to a specific use function of fastener knob can be easily extracted and screw-actuated, in a relatively free space restrictions chassis or panel, especially for the convenience of pulling knob, Fivetech have launched a new series of special ring shape or oversized styling head type screws fastening knobs, for the needs of customers demand of pulling knob with both to facilitate and strengthen pulling force rally of resistance, to create customization of fastener products. We recommend assembling on those which have extraction or pulling demands of objects as chassis box or server drawer.

Fivetech Ring Pull series

T-handle Type: special T-handle design offers ergonomic hand grip advantage while pulling.

Ring Type: Ring knob secures heavy withdraw, avoids slip or drop, and adds operation facilitation.

22mm Knob: bigger knob design to add extra grip force at your fingertips, 22mm knob design offers handle-pulling features and benefits, adds operation convenience.

28mm Knob: bigger knob design to add extra strong grip force at your fingertips, over-size 28mm knob offers strong handle pulling function. Strong force endurance design increases product security and reliability