Fivetech Roller Series Pastic– plastic color for product identification, high plastic toughness, can replace metal materials, with the same or even better water resistance

Plastic parts are already a necessary accessory for the assembly of modern electronic products. Plastic fasteners are now widely used in various fields such as servo cabinet components and handle parts. Developments and advances in thin-film electronic components, electrical insulation, such as insulation of wires, or outer casings of electronic components, mechanical materials are lighter than metals and resistant to rust, and are resistant to water and electrical insulation. Does not absorb moisture, rust and heat resistant, high temperature resistance, low wear, excellent chemical resistance, light materials.




Fivetech Roller滚轮系列 - 新型塑胶滚轮系列,塑胶颜色分类产品标识,配备先进的塑性功能,可取代金属材料,具有均匀的防水性等特性

塑料部件已经成为现代电子产品组装的必要配件。 塑料紧固件现在广泛用于各种领域,例如伺服柜部件和手柄部件。 薄膜电子元件的发展和进步,电绝缘,如电线绝缘,或电子元件的外壳,机械材料比金属轻,耐锈,耐水和电绝缘。 不吸潮,防锈,耐热,耐高温,低磨损,优异的耐化学性,轻质材料。


Think of your servo cabinet as a brand new free-sliding self-driving car. Fivetech Slide Rollers Installed on the side of the server chassis, you can transform each servo cabinet into a speedy self-driving car to reach its upmost Eco energy saving system.

When the weight of each layer of the servo chassis is more than 40kg, the power and time required for pulling often caused a lot of energy in the data center equipment room.  If you can efficiently install Fivetech slide rollers as key components on the side of the servo chassis, it is like a brand new self-driving car allows the servo chassis to slide freely on its side rails, and the servo cabinet can achieve the upmost efficiency of its energy saving system.


Slide Roller Product Special Features: 

l   Heavy load capacity.

l   Select the number of slide rollers to use according to the elasticity of the load demand.

l   Press-in installation method to punch-in the roller into sheet metal; fast installation saves space and cost.

l   Can do low-profile or micro size design

l   Smooth rolling action.

l   Customized development.

l   Fast pull-and-roll design for high speed rolling high efficiency.

Fivetech Slide Roller replaces general rail track to roller track, transform servo chassis design by adding slide rollers on the side.  Roller design can reduce pulling force. Stainless steel material roller can easily installed by punching roller into the sheet metal, press in assembly method, Installed rollers number can be adjusted or calculated depending on the actual chassis weight.

Industry in advance, Fivetech develops adventure parts like slide roller to enhance servo product performance, determine to bring the bond between your servo machines with our mechanical parts to upmost its acceleration efficacy.







想像把你的伺服机箱当成一台全新自由滑动的自驾车, 只要在机箱侧面加装侧向轮, 即可让每座伺服机柜达到最有效率

当每层伺服机箱重量高达约40kg 以上, 抽拉时所需耗费的力量及时间常造成资料中心机房的能源大量浪费. 如果能有效率地在伺服机箱侧面加装侧向轮关键零件, 就如同一台全新自驾车让伺服机箱能轻松在侧面轨道上自由前后滑行, 伺服机柜即可作到最有效率能源节约系统



  1. 乘载荷重能力强.
  2. 依乘载需求弹性选择轮子使用数量.
  3. 单向Press-in卯接快速;节省空间;节省成本.
  4. 可做low-profile或是Micro设计规划.
  5. 流畅的轮动运动.
  6. 可客制化开发.
  7. 高轮动效率的快速抽拉滚动设计.








Fivetech Ball Roller Type II – below board low profile type is specialized in for server chassis that only provide a highly limited space underneath the server tray due to the restrictions of space; specially design for the chassis that can only installs rollers direction downwards at the bottom of server tray.

To converse assembly direction to Ball Roller Type I, Ball Roller Type II - below board low profile type is a reverse mounting device roller product for space highly restrictive in height. In view of the server design trend towards to be slighter and compactness, more space-saving and more energy-efficient; for additional value-added component parts shall also designed trend towards micromodule. Without interferes the original chassis design, in addition to the convenient use of the tool accessories that originally used the manual operation function, how to attach multi-function accessory parts to the chassis to make it easier and faster to save time and energy is also an additional consideration that must be taken into when designing the new gen server product to be advantaged.

Ball Roller Type II can be fixed in points, straight lines, or plane arranged in the bottom of the server tray mount into the panel, the ball protrudes from below under the iron plate, becomes wheel-like slide at the bottom of the tray, this function can increase the speed of the tray sliding, reduce the weight resistance, and allow users to easily and quickly pull. Standard Ball Roller type II can bear a minimum load capacity of 5kgf, if need more weight required, it can be freely specifications to meet the customer's product design constraints.

Usually in cloud data center full of hundreds racks of servers storages, those server board requires repeatedly pulled and pushed to maintain its functioning. During the operation could causing engineer much extreme strength and overloaded effort to keep running. Frictions of the heavy moving chassis could cause heavy work-load for engineers during maintenance. The new invention of ball roller can strength and optimized mechanical part performance to its best benefits, save time and effort and eventually accelerate overall working efficiency Fivetech Ball Roller series is specialized for accelerating the pulling speed of an overweight server/storage chassis.

Ball Roller Type II is differ than type I, its core design is the top smaller balls and below larger ball interact each other, sphere rotate on each other inside the ball roller to drive the movement. This high-precision ball roll design has driven the component assembly technology into another threshold, driving new demanding for server storage equipment design in addition to the existing product functional requirements, into developing another product trend to focus on improving the overall product efficiency of hardware equipment. This product design provides high-precision ball transmission concepts can be applied in any industry applications that needs to speed up and accelerate the machine operation.

Ball Roller type II are deployed at the bottom of server tray, it forms a display of rollers between the chassis box and the drawer tray. The ball rollers are universal directional free roll can avoid the direction restrictive navigation, or it may cause direction deviation by the long-term rapid uses of operation. Roller designed to reduce noise and friction surface, can easily adjusts and positioned base on the server design. Fivetech Ball Roller series has two types of layouts for various drawer angles.

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