Fivetech’s screw series product elevates, providing more effort-saving, more time-saving and customized Latch Screw.

Fivetech Latch Screw simplifies the steps of securing chassis. Some servers are designed longer and wider. With Fivetech’s Latch screw, it is able to secure both ends of the chassis with just one screw. Latch screw is made much longer than normal screws. Taking the advantage of its length; it screws in from one end of the chassis and goes through to secure the entire chassis.

Fivetech Latch screw is also used to lock panels or PCB with gaps in between. Some servers require panels or PCBs to be placed in parallel but with space in between. Traditionally it would be difficult to secure both panels or both PCBs but still leave space in between. Fivetech Latch Screw takes advantage of its length, and safely secures paralleled panels or PCBs despite the gap in between.



In addition, Latch Screw embraces Fivetech’s feature of tool-less design. No extra equipment is needed for screwing Latch screw or unscrewing. It represents easy-assembly; thus effort-saving. Consequently, saving another amount of time for engineers, helping them achieve their best working efficiency.

Moreover, Fivetech values customization. Customers can have the Latch screw in captive style or screw style. The screw length can also be adjusted according to different chassis or panel gaps. The knob can be made in metal or plastic. Last but not least, the knob has a variety of color to choose from for CIS purposes or other customer preference.


Fivetech Latch Screw is easy-assembly, time-saving and tool-free. It should become the most preferable Latch Screw for long chassis or gapped panels.




Fivetech sub-brand Flash & Fix Fastener--- is a new design of light-transmission fastening technology


Light Transmission Technology.

Flash Fastener source tool embedded optical fiber, when the fastener is fully locked fastening, the source-end will director or indirect contact to a LED light body edge, conducted the light transmission via embedded optical fiber, export the light source to the top flash ball. Products include flash screwflash captive screwflash Standoff/ Nutflash tool flash screw driverflash hammer.




F&F light transmission technology is sketched to develop flash fastening detection that can easily spot warning in the dark environment. With flash fastener, can easily to navigate a slack fault screw, and fast to detect any machine error problem in a dark environment ex. in Data Center, the engineer can fast to detect the error warning, quick allocate and accurate positioning the fault fastener, to speed the maintence operation, to secure all the components are safe-assembling, to work efficient and smart in any dark environment, to save the time and operation cost.  In addition, with F&F light transmission function, customer can expect secure, speed, space, smart fastening that would meet your efficiency and satisfaction.



LED Light Transmission technology fastener

Fast navigate, allocate, positioning screw in a dark environment    

ex.Data Center. Easy to operate , repair, maintenance

Smart fastening to alert loosen screw or any error warning

Fast detect faulty screw, easy to allocate and fix.


We provide customized design for your solution from discussions with customers to prototype drawing, product reliability test of samples to mass manufacturing, we providing customers with the best quality service.  All products are patented and RoHS compliant.








Fivetech snap-locking standoff- “Lock & Low” solution is a self-locking solution with a clip style design, it allows quick remove, easy assembly, and secure installation. It is ideal for use where the space is limited and a low-profile is needed.

The most common type of standoff is - standoff screw that is to install using a driver tool; Fivetech snap-locking standoff self –locking function positioning a board in place without requiring a separate driver tool. With a clip style that snaps into the case's tray, simply fastened directly into the panel, provides a margin of space between the board and the case. Hence, snap-locking standoffs are used to create a buffer space in between, and thus allowing board to be inserted into the case tray in a safe and easy way. The innovative design of this fitting allows no damage makes installation super easy to operate. 


Industry Applications



*Electronic Enclosures

*Industrial Enclosures

*Industrial Machinery

*Telecom & Networking Enclosures 



Fivetech - Ball locking standoff is technically functioning for quickly and accurately locating fixtures onto thin piece of metal. 

Just a single click, it allows the balls to retract into the shank, it enables the metal to inserted or  removed from base panel. Just another single click, it enables the balls to auto-spring out to fastened, and it carries high strength lifting.

Fivetech - Ball locking standoff is easy to operate in compact space. It is ideal for use on metal pieces or PCB can be easily fastened. To compare with the traditional ways, Fivetech ball locking standoff can save up to 87% of the time efficiency.

Fivetech offers a large range of spec in a diverse selection of styles and materials. All are available in all kinds of lengths and diameters with shank materials in ex. stainless steel or hardened carbon steel. ODM design service is available to meet specific needs.






Unlike conventional nuts and bolts, Fivetech Quarter Turn lock is elasticity designate for too-less quickly smart assembly. One easy click simply secures the lock. Just a 1/4 turn it auto-spring back to telescopic disassembly. User-friendly function is to shorten your operation time and save your action strength. Size color, material and mechanism can be adjustable made according to spec required by customer. Our choices of head styles are for convenient tool-less or secure tool-must restricted. Our various selections of recess styles, stud measure, receptacle styles and accessories are to satisfy many mounting requirements to meet specific applications. We ensure all of our products to meet the standard or above degree laboratory exams, such as reliability test.

Quarter Turn Lock is used in diverse range of products such as servers, rack server, network rack Cabinet, Industrial-grade and computer equipment, electronic mechanical parts, transmission equipment, network equipment, laboratory equipment design cabinet intensive shelves installed in the cabinet, suitable for various types of industries-MIS, IDC, telecommunications, transmission, enterprises, data hosting, and the cloud computing and networking applications.