Fivetech Three-Bar Linkage Ejector-special three-bar linkage design, the moving mechanism linkage mechanism uses a fixed two-axis fixed pivot to interconnect the dynamic ejector, and the eagle-mouth wrench head can be auto safely locked


The three-bar linkage is a device that transfers mechanical energy. Each of the three-bar linkages moves in a plane that is parallel to each other. The connecting rod is a fixed shaft, also called a concentric line, and a fixed pivot that is connected two axes. Through different designs and calculations, the link mechanism can achieve linear movements and reciprocating movements. The movement between them is called a connecting rod. The center of rotation of the connecting rod can change at any time during the movement, and it is composed of rotating pairs. Fivetech three-bar linkage ejector-special three-bar linkage design, is a reciprocating ejection mechanism, the moving mechanism linkage mechanism uses fixed two-axis rotation to interconnect the ejector. Ejection the assembly folding link is pivotally interconnected between the fixed part and the movable part to extend toward the fixed part. It is aligned in parallel and engages with the ejector. The lever configuration is easy to lift and eject the front panel, one-piece structure simple elastic design can rebound and lock easily. The design of the eagle-mouth wrench head has a built-in powerful spring mechanism design, which can automatically lock the ejector to the server body after the rebound mechanism returns to its position, and add strong anti-collision and anti-loose safety protection mechanism.


Fivetech three-bar lever ejector's unique eagle-mouth wrench head's automatic safety lock function is beneficial to the stability of the server tray, preventing the tray from falling or falling off during movement or vibration to ensure the tray stays in place when it is closed without being disturbed. The one-piece structure is compact and is very suitable for spaces with special restrictions. Special servo case for another special fastener option. The eagle-mouth plastic contacts are heat-resistant, anti-static, rust-proof, and the color of the handle can be customized. The three-bar linkage ejector unlocks the ejector and rotates it in conjunction with a smooth instinctive continuous action combination, which greatly shortens the working process. The design ultimately saves effort and time, and is designed to achieve optimal product efficiency.  Provides the most user-friendly flexibility.




Fivetech三杆连杆顶出器- 特殊三杆连杆设计, 运动机件连杆机构利用固定的两轴心固定枢轴旋转相互连动顶出器, 鹰嘴扳手头可自动安全上锁定


三杆连杆机构是传递机械能的一种装置, 三杆连杆各个运动机件均在相互平行的平面内运动的机构, 连杆为固定的轴又称为连心线,连接的固定枢轴两轴心. 通过不同的设计与计算,连杆机构可实现直线移动往复运动. 而传达相互间的运动,称为连接杆. 运动时连接杆的旋转中心随时会变动,且利用旋转对所组成的三连杆机构. Fivetech三杆连杆顶出器- 特殊三杆连杆设计, 是一种往复推顶机构, 运动机件连杆机构利用固定的两轴心旋转相互连动顶出器. 顶出组件折叠连杆可枢转地互连在固定部分和可移动部分之间,以朝着固定部分延伸. 平行对齐并与弹出器接合. 杠杆配置易于提起和弹出前面板, 一件式单件结构, 简单的弹力设计可轻松反弹和锁定.鹰嘴扳手头设计有内置的强力弹簧机构设计,可以在弹回机构返回其位置后自动锁定弹射器到服务器机身,并加强防撞和防松散的安全保护机制。


Fivetech 三杆连杆顶出器独特的鹰嘴扳手头自动安全锁功能有利于伺服器托盘的稳定性,防止托盘在运动和振动过程中掉落或脱落。自动安全上锁设计有助于在伺服器托盘提供一层安全保证托盘在关闭时保持在原位不受振动或运动的干扰. 一件式单件结构设计紧凑,非常适合有特殊限制的空间,是特殊伺服机箱另一特殊扣件选择。鹰嘴塑料触点耐热,防静电,防锈,手柄颜色可根据公司定制。三杆连杆顶出器解锁顶出旋转连动一个平滑的本能连续动作组合,大大缩短了工作过程。该设计最终节省了工作量,节省了时间,旨在实现最佳的产品效率。提供最用户友好的灵活性。







Fivetech铰链顶出器- Hinge自动旋转弹出器, 用于弹出伺服机箱内子卡与母卡之间连接, 以置从机箱中拉出子卡匣. 闸门式设计依照蓝色手柄向左向右压的标记箭头快速开关.杠杆结构手柄可承受提拉重物, 强壮结构可双手平衡快速地重复抽拔开关

Hinge自动旋转弹出器,闸门式双把手设计手握方便. 按下蓝色塑料拨片开关以触发锁定以解锁弹出器.蓝色开关手柄向左向右箭头标记手指按压方向, 按下两边左右开关即可简易利用自动旋转式弹出器轻松平衡地双手将子卡匣拉出以脱离主机母卡. 依照蓝色手柄上向左向右压的标记箭头方向, 按下蓝色手柄触点即可释放侧边自动旋转弹出器锁头所具备的锁定功能, 释放内部自动旋转轮小工具以弹开连接解锁, 以脱离子母卡间的连接. 归位回锁时, 为了通过缩回弹出器使其返回原始定位位置,该锁头被设计为可自动旋转返回其起始位置, 弹簧自动回弹归位回锁。返回铰链顶出器时,塑料拨片可以自动收回以锁定其原始位置.

弹出器杠杆结构设计开关可省力作用, 杠杆配置易于弹出和顶开.手柄强壮结构可承受提拉重物, 快速重复抽拔与开关, 弹力卡扣明确快速. 模组化设计, 工序组装方便,整组也可客制化, 可企业颜色管理.





Fivetech Hinge Ejector-Hinge Auto Rotary Ejector, used to eject the connection between the sub card and the host card in the servo chassis, so as to pull the sub card cassette out of the chassis. The gate-type design follows the blue handle to the left and right arrow quick switch. Lever structure handle can withstand heavy lifting, strong structure can be balanced with both hands to quickly and repeatedly pull

Hinge Ejector hinge auto rotates ejector. The gate-type left and right both handles design is convenient to hand hold. Press the blue plastic paddle switch to trigger the lock to unlock the ejector. The blue switch handle left and right arrows mark the finger pressing direction, press the left and right switches on both sides. You can simply use the automatic rotary ejector to easily and evenly pull out the sub card tray with both hands to release it from the host card. Follow the direction of the marked left right arrow on the blue handle, and press the blue handle contact. Release the locking function of the side auto-rotating ejector lock, release the internal auto-rotating wheel gadget to unlock the connection by releasing the connection, and disengage the connection between the sub and host card. When returning to the starting position, in order to use the retractor to retract It returns to the original positioning position. The lock head is designed to be automatically rotated back to its starting position, and the spring auto rebounds to return to its starting position. When returning to the hinge ejector, the plastic pick can be auto retracted to lock its original position.

The lever structure design of the ejector can save effort, and the lever configuration is easy to pop up and open. The strong structure of the handle can withstand heavy lifting, fast repetitive extraction and switching, and the elastic buckle is clear and fast. Modular design, easy process assembly.  The entire kit can also be customized, and enterprise color management can be performed.



Fivetech Rotate Ejector special auto safety lock function, the eagle mouth wrench head design has a built-in strong spring mechanism design, which can automatically lock the ejector to the server body after returning to its position, and strengthen the anti-collision and anti-loose safety protection mechanism.

Fivetech Rotate Ejector unique auto-safety lock function advantages server tray stableness to prevent tray from falling or dislocating during movements and vibrations. Its distinctive lever design contributes to minimum effort during heavy server tray ejections, saving effort and time for engineers when maintaining servers in datacenters. Designed in compact shape, Rotate Ejector is perfect for limited space, ideal for 1U, 2U servers. Plastic handle is heat endurant, anti-static electricity and anti-rust, handle color is customizable to company ID color.

Rotate Ejector beak-like handle design auto-locks in place, providing a layer of security assuring server tray stays in place when closed, not disturbed by vibrations or movements. The unique design additionally combines three types of movements - unfasten + rotate + eject into one smooth instinctive action. Rotate ejector combines the three consecutive motions into one simple instinctive press on the handle, significantly shortens working process. The design ultimately saves effort, saves time, aiming to bring the best product efficiency.

The lever part of Rotate Ejector contributes to effort saving. Rotate Ejector’s lever corresponds with leverage concept, allowing only minimum effort from engineers to leverage out heavy servers or drawers, saving the most strength and time, resulting in best working efficiency. The lever part also enables wide rotating angle, best fits ergonomic action when ejecting server trays, offering the most user-friendly flexibility. Rotate Ejector aims to become the most user-friendly and the most effort-saving solution for server applications to optimize working efficiency for engineers.