Fivetech SMT stop ring nut prevent the backflow of solder paste during SMT assembly to prevent thread contamination or damage.


Although the SMT process refers to the technology of melting tin as glue to the stable mechanical parts on the panel, the excess liquid tin can easily flow back to the inside of the bracket / nut, causing serious damage and pollution. The inflowing tin can damage the thread of the part. It forms tin shavings, uneven thread spirals, tin bumps and other defects. Due to the forced tightening, it is impossible to screw in and the solder spatters. Solder splatter not only damages the parts, but also causes tin chips to splash onto the PCB board, resulting in greater mechanical problems. The possibility of short circuit is also very high. This defect severely increases the failure rate of the product and increases the cost of rework. To make matters worse, due to rework, the production time will be extended.


Fivetech SMT stop ring nut welding technology is the best way to solve this problem. The solder resist requires a stop ring plug that is mechanically placed at the bottom of the nut / support. It seamlessly matches the thread size. When SMT is used to mechanically seal these parts to the panel, the stop ring stop ring prevents liquid tin from flowing into the threaded hole. Therefore, it can keep the thread intact. It can then be easily removed by tool punching without leaving any marks or damage. The stop ring plug has high welding reliability, which can prevent the internal structure and threads of the ferrule from being damaged due to the inflow of the tines, which may result in the reduction of the float volume or the flow of solder paste between the PCB and the external ferrule. This may cause unstable reliability or other problems.


With the application of solder resist, defective nuts / supports have been significantly reduced. Ultimately, it can optimize the success rate of the production line. It can save costs, save time and increase the success rate. We strongly recommend Fivetech SMT stop ring nut welding technology to bring benefits to our customers.


Fivetech SMT Nut 82 series can provide a complete product line for all thread sizes. The SMT welding process can eliminate the cause of stamping damage, thereby avoiding the risk of PCB damage. Fivetech 82 series SMT nuts used on PCBs have been widely accepted by the market. SMT technology has gradually developed into a mature technology, gradually replacing traditional assembly through its SMT process, so that the assembly process can achieve maximum yield, the industry can use the existing SMT production line, use vacuum nozzles to pick up SMT nuts On the reel, pick and place it on the tin solder pasted on the PCB. Through the tin heating and cooling process, the tin is melted and cooled to a solid state to complete the SMT nut assembly process. The SMT process can reduce the damage to the PCB caused by the placement of nuts on the PCB due to the deflection of the punch. This result is usually easy to damage the circuit board. In order to improve, the SMT process can accurately locate and obtain the maximum output.


The Fivetech SMT Nut 82 series completes the entire range of product lines in all sizes and models, offering custom designs and multiple options. Fivetech upholds the production quality advantages of quality control. From design and manufacturing to coil material out of the warehouse, a single production line ensures quality control. Fivetech SMT nuts have a high-quality appearance, which has won praise and reliable recommendations from customers.





Fivetech SMT止动环塞螺母可在SMT组装过程中阻止锡膏回流流入,以防止螺纹污染或损坏。



Fivetech SMT止动环塞螺母阻焊技术是解决此问题的最佳方法。阻焊器需要一个止动环塞,该止动环塞机械地放置在螺母/支座的底部。它无缝匹配线程大小。当使用SMT将这些零件机械密封到面板上时,止动环塞挡圈可防止液态锡流入螺纹孔中。因此,它可以使螺纹保持完好无损。然后可以通过针刺轻松轻松地将其移除,而不会留下任何痕迹或损坏。止动环塞具有很高的焊接可靠性,可防止套圈的内部结构和螺纹因尖齿的流入而损坏,从而可能导致浮子体积减小或PCB和外部套圈之间的焊膏流入内侧,从而可能导致不稳定的可靠性或其他问题。


随着阻焊剂的应用,有缺陷的螺母/支座明显减少。最终,它可以优化产线的成功率。它可以节省成本,节省时间并提高成功率。我们强烈建议Fivetech SMT止动环塞螺母阻焊技术阻给我们的客户带来好处。


Fivetech SMT Nut 82系列可为所有螺纹尺寸提供完整的产品线, SMT焊接工艺可以消除冲压损坏的原因,从而避免了PCB损坏的风险。 PCB上使用的Fivetech 82系列SMT螺母已被市场广泛接受。 SMT技术已经逐渐发展成为一种成熟的技术,通过其SMT工艺逐渐取代了传统的组装,从而使组装工艺能够实现最大的良率,该行业可以利用现有的SMT生产线,利用真空吸嘴拾取SMT螺母从卷轴上,拾取并放置到粘贴在PCB上的锡焊料上,通过锡加热和冷却过程,将锡熔化并冷却至固态,以完成SMT螺母组装过程。 SMT工艺可以减少因冲头偏斜而在PCB上放置螺母而造成的对PCB的损坏,这种结果通常容易损坏电路板。为了进步,SMT工艺可以精确定位并获得最大的产量。


Fivetech SMT Nut 82系列完成了所有尺寸和型号的产品线的全部范围,提供定制设计,多种选择形式。 Fivetech秉承质量控制的生产质量优势,从设计制造到卷料出库,单条生产线确保质量控制。 Fivetech SMT螺母具有高质量的外观,从而获得客户的好评和可信赖的推荐。








Fivetech SMT SPOOL are fully automatic SMT welding assembly, quick disassembly and assembly without using general screws, high-strength soldering welding combined force, low profile, micro miniaturization, suitable for mobile phones / notebooks / server / Networking/Telecom / Industrial Computer / Cloud / TV / Monitor ...

Save 90% assembly time compared with traditional screws

Fivetech SMT SPOOL are specially designed to assemble the sub-card quickly and easily to the server motherboard, quickly reconnect or disassemble, and the sub card can be locked in seconds. Just slide the sub card through the gourd-shaped hole to quickly connect or remove , and slide left and right to the horizontal locking direction.

Due to the application requirements of the server motherboard, various types of sub cards are usually required. The installation of most sub cards requires traditional screws that cannot be quickly removed and replaced. SMT SPOOL can be bent at different heights and can be between boards and boards Used as a high plate gasket. Low profile and micro miniaturization; SMT surface mount technology refers to the surface mounting technology that melts tin into tin glue until it cools and stabilizes the SMT studs on the PCB panel. SMT spool provide different functions and installation designs; micro miniature low profile can be used for mobile phones / notebooks / server / Networking/Telecom /industrial computers / clouds / TV / monitors ..... SMT engineering the high-profile shims can be used as four-post shims on slot servers; customers often use SMT spool+ fixing screws on server boards, which can emphasize the convenience of card installation and the characteristics of easy replacement.

When the safe assembly method is so complicated, SMT spool are really flexible when engineers move the chassis and replace cards. The design body has the purpose of easy assembly and quick release. Since threaded connections are disabled, simply place the sub board down through the larger hole of the hoist hole, and then slide the second board to the horizontal locking direction to insert the panel into the smaller hole. It is fixed in the second position as tightly as other fasteners. It expands the range of product applications. You can also press it into the side of the chassis or panel to fix the panel or panel on the side of the chassis. It not only saves ground space, but also makes full use of three-dimensional space. SMT spool are used in chassis with limited space on motherboards that cannot be driven vertically. The horizontal locking system saves execution space. It saves operation time and provides the simplest fastening method.

Save 90% assembly time compared with traditional screws







Fivetech SMT工字钉全自动SMT焊接组装、快速拆装免用ㄧ般螺丝、高强度锡焊焊接组合力、可low profile(低型程)、可micro微型化、合适各行各业手机/笔电/server/网通/工业电脑/云端/电视/监视器.....


Fivetech SMT工字钉特别设计用于将子卡快速轻松卡锁组装到服务器主板,快速重新连接或拆卸,仅需秒数即可完成子卡锁定。只需将子卡移动滑过葫芦形孔放置,即可快速连接或拆卸,左右滑动至水平锁定方向。


由于服务器主板的应用要求,通常需要各种类型大小的子卡,大多数子卡的安装需使用传统螺丝无法快速拆卸更换,SMT工字钉可以在不同的高度处弯曲,可以在板对板之间用作高板垫片。可low profile(低型程),可micro微型化; SMT表面贴装技术是指将锡热熔化成锡胶直至冷却将SMT工字钉稳定到PCB面板上的表面安装技术。 SMT工字钉提供不同的功能和安装设计; micro微型化low profile(低型程)可用于手机/笔电/server/网通/工业电脑/云端/电视/监视器.....; SMT工字钉高规格垫片可以在插槽服务器上用作四柱垫片;客户在服务器板上常用结合SMT工字钉+ 固定螺钉,可以强调卡安装的便利性和易于更换的特点。


当安全的组装方法如此复杂时,在工程师移动机箱和更换卡时,SMT工字钉确实具有灵活性。设计主体具有易于组装和快速释放的目的。由于禁用了螺纹连接,只需将子板向下穿过葫芦孔的较大孔向下放置,然后将子板左右滑动至水平锁定方向即可将面板插入较小的孔中。它与其他紧固件一样紧紧地固定在第二个位置。它扩大了产品应用范围。还可以将其压入机箱或面板的侧面,从而将面板或面板也固定在机箱的侧面。它不仅节省了地面空间,而且还充分利用了三维空间。 SMT工字钉用于无法进行垂直驱动的主板上空间有限的机箱。水平锁定系统节省了执行空间。节省了操作时间,并提供了最简单的紧固方法。






New Fivetech SMT Spool special designed for quick remove and easy replace sub-cards to the server mainboard, fast re-connect or dismantle to complete the card-locking in just a second by simply place the sub-card downwards through the gourd-shape hole, then slide right-leftwards to horizontal locking direction.      

Due to the server application requirements of the server main board, it is often necessary to install various types of sub-cards onto the server motherboard, most of the sub-cards installation cannot be quickly removed or replaced, the dismantle function cannot reach second-buckle replacement. New Fivetech SMT Spool emphasizes that the motherboard can be connected with different sub-cards by spool-in installation in just a second. SMT Spool can be buckled at different heights, can be used between board to board as the high plate spacer. SMT process refers to surface mount technique of heat melting tin to tin-glue till cooling stables the SMT spool onto the PCB faceplates.

SMT Spool offers different functional and installation designs; SMT Spool micro low-profile can be using in mobile phones or notebook products; SMT Spool high-profile spacer can be used at the slot server as four-post spacer; SMT spring spool can be divided into non-locking version/locking version to define the different requirements for the lock card. Customers commonly uses on the server board combines SMT Spool + SMT Captive Screw, can emphasize the convenience of card installation and easy replacement.

SMT Spool thus contributing greatly to its product fastening purposes. Spool also adds a stopper piece in between main board and sub-boards. Using the spool sec-installation as the stopper piece, SMT Spool tightly sec-secures any panels in between caps and as the stopper piece. For another advantage, with the SMT spool fastening, it leaves level of method options between all fastened panels. When secured assembly methods are so complex, spool does make flexibilities when engineers move chassis and replace cards. Spool design main presents easy assembly and quick release purposes. As thread screwing is sort of disabled, by simply place the sub-board downwards through the bigger hole of the gourd hole, then slide the sub-board right-leftwards to horizontal locking direction the panel into the smaller hole. It second-secures as tightly as any other fasteners. It widens the product application spheres. It can additionally be pressed-in to the sides of chassis or faceplates, thus secures panels or faceplates on the sides of chassis as well. Not only does it save up ground space, it makes the best usage of a three-dimensional space.

Spool comes in useful for space limited chassis of main board where vertical actuation cannot be operated. For better, Spool’s horizontal locking system saves actuation space. Spool saves space, saves operation time and provides the easiest fastening method. SMT Spool can also be used as side-hangers, saving ground space.                                      

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