Fivetech APP 2020版 正式上线- Android 版 & iOS 版 同步上线, 你将可即时收到FIVETECH推播讯息!

 Fivetech 今日宣布2020新版Android及iOS APP正式上线,并已登录App Store和Google Play。您可通过浏览本公司官网进行QR code下载,登录App Store、Google Play 搜索Fivetech进行下载安装。

Fivetech APP结合NEW PRODUCT、VIDEO、RD BLOG等单元推播最新上线产品讯息影片公布,发表新产品内容可让用户挖掘搜寻FIVETECH相关产品,用户可深度分析分享技术的专业资讯APP平台。此APP平台整合各产品讯息,满足用户多样化的搜寻分析需求,将为APP用户提供更深度价值在云端数据中心伺服器储存设备各种关键零组件产品工程设计,推播最新产品趋势与对应内容的同步呈现,用户可即时掌握最热门扣件产品设计。






Fivetech APP 2020 version is officially launched- Android & iOS online, you will receive FIVETECH “push” messages in real time!

Fivetech today announced the 2020 new version of Android and iOS APPs is officially launched, you can log in to the App Store and Google Play. You can also download the QR code by browsing Fivetech company's official website, and log in to the App Store to search “Fivetech” for download and installation.

Fivetech APP combines NEW PRODUCT, VIDEO, RD BLOG and other units to promote the announcement of the latest online product information videos. The release of new product content allows users to dig and search for FIVETECH related products, and users can deeply analyze and share technical professional information by using this APP platforms. This APP platform integrates various product information to meet the diverse search and analysis needs of users, and will provide APP users with more in-depth value in search of the cloud data center server storage equipment of its various key component product design, promote the latest product trends and corresponding the contents as to simultaneous presentation, users can instantly grasp our good design of the most popular fastener products of the industry.





Fivtech respects environmental management at the core of our business achievement. ISO 14001:2015 international standard shapes our environmental responsible in the growth of our business. Fivetech discovers this rewarded certification’s benefits and requirements of the needs for ISO 14001 to implement in our daily management and operation.

ISO 14001:2015 is an internationally outlines of effective environmental management system. It is designed to help businesses remain inside environmental responsibilities and reduce any risky impacts; it provides a framework to allow us to meet the increasing high demand of customer’s corporate legal or regulatory requirements.

ISO 14001:2015 is latest version published to certified and designed for the purpose of company to practice better environmental management in reduces waste and energy use. It can improve our efficiency to cut the cost of running our manufactory business. Fivetech now is certified confidently to demonstrate this compliance that can help us to expand business to meet our customers’ environmental legal obligations and benefits greater in environmental practices, and ensures that the management system is future proof.

We will ensure that environmental management is now completely integrated and aligned with the business strategies in our organization. This will result in optimizing the performance of our EMS making is more sustainable energy saving. Leadership in greater management involvement in the system of the whole organization will be motivated towards company goals and to take steps to the emphasis and focus on risk management, improve environmental performance.


FIVETECH最新宣布被認證ISO14001:2015環境管理Environmental Management(EMS)

Fivtech經營業績的核心是尊重環境管理。 ISO 14001:2015年國際標準最新宣布本公司被認證, 塑造了我們對業務增長的環境負責。 Fivetech在我們日常企業環境管理和公司運作上, 發現被ISO14001認證的優勢利益和需求, 並致力於ISO 14001:2015的環保管理要求.

ISO 14001:2015是最新版本國際企業有效環境管理之輪廓。它旨在幫助企業保持內部環境責任,降低可能破壞風險的任何影響;它提供了一個框架,使企業能夠滿足國際客戶日新月異的各種企業環保法律法規要求。

Fivetech ISO 14001:2015最新版本認證發布,設定其為本公司核心宗旨,以更好地實行環境管理以減少浪費和能源使用。它可以提高我們的效率削減運行工廠的業務成本。 Fivetech通過認證後將更有信心能符合國際客戶在環保證明規範上的各種需求,此認證將可幫助我們拓展業務以滿足環保法律義務和利益並強化更多環保措施,確保管理系統是面向未來的發展趨勢。

我們持續進行企業環境確保管理, 現在已完全導入ISO14001:2015並與組織內部業務策略一致。這將導致公司優化EMS決策可更持續性地環保節能。本公司之管理階級在整個組織的系統管理上也將提高參與程度並採取措施領導公司朝著設定目標進行,強調並注重風險管理以提高企業環境整體績效。



Fivetech is pleased to announce the new release of official company video. This new video provides an inclusive overview of Fivetech’s various product series and its cross-range diversities in server computing industrial applications. This video not only fully displays our strong R&D innovative design ability but also demonstrates Fivetech’s product performance and fastening capability towards a variety of mechanical hardware parts and components.

Fivetech presents our company’s top quality service and headlines company core value [speed quality reliability]. We are the key component of your hardware equipment asset.

Fivetech Company video provides both English & Chinese version, to see the videos please visit:
Fivetech official website: www.fivetk.com

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