Fivetech Stretch Pin, dedicated to the micro-switch controller, with a specified stroke route and a specified force for the switching action of the contact mechanism to stretch the pin, retractable, floatable alignment, elastic topping control triggers micro-switch. Stretch Pin spring retractable can be pressed up and down or pop-up to trigger micro switch. Stretch Pin can floating positioning sliding latch position, can also additional used as power supply cable blocking object. Or as power cable optimal isolation-limitation tool inside the servo chassis servo cabinet.

Fivetech Stretch Pin, dedicated to the micro-switch controller. Micro-switch refers to the external mechanical force through the transmission component (by pin, button, lever, roller, etc.) to force the action on the reed, when the action reed is displaced to the critical point Instantaneous action is generated to quickly turn the movable contact and the fixed contact at the end of the action reed quickly. Fivetech Stretch Pin, the contact mechanism stretching needle for switching action, retractable, floating position, elastically adjustable top micro switch. Retractable pin special design can be pressed up or down or pop-up, telescopic pin can be used as trigger to micro switch.

The micro switch is a contact mechanism with a small contact interval and a snap mechanism, which performs a switching action with a prescribed stroke and a prescribed force, and is covered by a casing, and a switch having a drive rod externally thereof is compared because of the contact pitch of the switch. Small, hence the name micro switch, also known as sensitive switch, snap switch, pressure-activated quick switch. Used for switches in anti-theft systems. Fivetech stretch pin as the contact mechanism for the switching action. The stretching needle is retractable and can be floated in position. The micro-switch can be controlled by elastic topping, so that the moving contact and the fixed contact at the end of the action reed can be quickly turned on or off.

Micro switch is generally based on the non-auxiliary pressing attachment, and is derived from a small stroke type and a large stroke type. Different auxiliary pressing accessories can be added as needed. According to different pressing accessories, the button can be divided into button type, reed roller type, lever roller type, short moving arm type and long moving arm type. Fivetech Stretch Pin can be used to adjust the tensioning needle up and down and the spring force according to the different pressing accessory switches. The floating alignment can adjust the left and right side floating or the vertical up and down vertical floating. Micro switch frequent widely used in electronic equipment.

Fivetech Stretch Pin retractable pin function can be used as a positioning function, correctly aligning pair panels, connector docking pre-floating alignment, board-to-board floating alignment, sliding cassette positioning and other floating positioning, lateral left and right floating or vertical up and down, It can also be used as block object or limit isolation for power supply cable. Stretch Pin is the best barrier component tool for the power cord in the server cabinet.

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Fivetech 拉伸针,專用於微動開關控制器,用规定的行程和规定的力进行开关动作的接点机构拉伸针, 可伸縮,可浮動對位,可彈性抵頂控制微動開關器. 拉伸弹簧可伸缩弹簧可上下拉动或弹出以触发微动开关。Fivetech 拉伸针可浮動定位,滑動卡榫定位, 亦可作為power supply cable阻擋物件附加用途,可適用於伺服機箱機櫃中重整power電源線最佳隔離限制工具

Fivetech 拉伸针,專用於微動開關控制器. 微动开关即指外机械力通过传动元件(按销、按钮、杠杆、滚轮等)将力作用于动作簧片上,当动作簧片位移到临界点时产生瞬时动作,使动作簧片末端的动触点与定触点快速接通或断开。Fivetech 拉伸针, 进行开关动作的接点机构拉伸针, 可伸縮,可浮動對位,可彈性抵頂控制微動開關器. 可伸縮銷特殊設計可上下按壓或彈出, 伸縮銷可作為觸發micro switch開關用途.
微动开关是具有微小接点间隔和快动机构,用规定的行程和规定的力进行开关动作的接点机构,用外壳覆盖,其外部有驱动杆的一种开关,因为其开关的触点间距比较小,故名微动开关,又称灵敏开关、快动开关。施压促动的快速开关。用于防盗系统中的门开关等. Fivetech 拉伸针, 作為进行开关动作的接点机构拉伸针, 可伸縮,可浮動對位,可彈性抵頂控制微動開關, 使动作簧片末端的动触点与定触点快速接通或断开。
微动开关一般以无辅助按压附件为基本型式,并且派生出小行程式、大行程式。根据需要可加入不同辅助按压辅件,根据加入的不同的按压辅件开关可分为按钮式、簧片滚轮式、杠杆滚轮式、短动臂式、长动臂式等各种形式。Fivetech 拉伸针可根据加入的不同的按压辅件开关做拉伸针上下伸縮及簧力度調整, 可浮動對位調整左右側向浮動或上下縱向浮動等. 微动开关广泛应用在电子设备.
Fivetech 拉伸针可伸縮銷功能可作為定位功能, 正確aligning pair panels, 連接器對接預先浮動對位, 板對板浮動對位,滑動卡榫定位等浮動定位, 左右側向浮動或上下縱向浮動, 亦可作為power supply cable阻擋物件或限制隔離之附加用途.適用於伺服機箱機櫃中重整power 電源線最佳組件工具.

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Fivetech Absorber Module ---the special internal powerful spring structure designed for the buffer of vibration energy to absorber the impact of shock force to achieve the state of aseismatic

Fivetech Absorber Module ---the special internal powerful spring structure designed for the buffer of vibration energy to absorber the impact of shock force to achieve the state of aseismatic . Fivetech Absorber Module special designed to lock two panels, designed to strengthen the strength of the internal spring power to reinforce its push force to reduce its shock force may occurred, to absorber the vibration energy.

This series of spring-force Absorber Mdule is aimed at solution of anti-vibration and lower-noise preventable, in the design of its conversion process, it structures with multi-spring particular design, the spring elasticity mainly is defined due to the absorbers vibration from shock when action. Using the action principle to improve the movement may cause by shaking, even slightly shaking can be reduced to its minimum in order to achieve final counterbalance.

This product is designed to solve the problem and to provide high quality product characteristics, to prevent damage to the product caused by the impact force caused by the vibration, or the noise generated by the repeated vibration. Even tighten two panels will have reasonable possibility of shake impact, how to strengthen the structural lock force to solve the vibration problem is the main reason for this design of the product. The component can bear and buffer the spring to adjust the force in the compression of the stroke in order to give full play to the elastic elements of the elastic effect in the stretch of the stroke, the elastic tension to increase the energy on the top of the panel to achieve the maximum lock. The vibration load can also be adjusted with the most elasticity of demand.

Design the application of this product with the following considerations: 1.can provide the amount of buffer 2. can withstand the required load 3. can withstand the changes in environmental conditions 4. customization to meet the various equipment, weight and design mode. This product is based on customer demand for vibration buffer, we provide a variety of product testing to achieve the actual requirements of the buffer result.

Plastic knob design can be high load with low wear, reduce noise, heat resistance, and its performance with plasticity, color shape can be diverse design. This product also offers custom design changes to different design parameters to create a different size and performance of the product size. Applicable to a variety of can be assembled rack and cabinet and other product applications, can improve the combination of the ride point of the ride comfort.

Special Features

  • Special Aseismatic design, anti-vibration structure to reinforce buffer
  • Powered by spring force can absorb the vibration and lower noise
  • Designed to strengthen the spring lock force



  • Absorbers Module press-fit on panel 1
  • Use flat head screw to secure panel 2 and Absorbers Module
  • Absorbers Module use to reduce the vibration between panel 1,2.

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