Fivetech new addition product- SSD M.2 Card Clipper modernizes SSD HD assembly

Fivetech new addition product- SSD M.2 Card Clipper modernizes SSD harddisk assembly; it replaces the standard and allows more flexibility in card connector, available for advanced interfacing features and devices. Fivetech M.2 Card Clipper designed to suit easy assembly purposes, to solid the card assembly state and storages M.2 SSDs cards connector to PCI Express. M.2 card clipper is designed to particular uses for M.2 with different module widths and lengths. Fivetech M.2 card clipper has been designed as a new improved version to the existing assembly method. As the result of the M.2 standard allowing double-sided component population, M.2 card clipper can also provide fast and easy flip-over assembly method of SSD harddisk.


Fivetech M.2 Card Clipper designed with automated spring force rebounce structure - requiring only one second press down of the M.2 card then is assembled. M.2 Card Clipper offers quick release function with also one easy push out the plastic clipper then M.2 Card can be easily released. M.2 Card Clipper offers vertical blockage structure, in addition to speed, it also provides the highest reliability for users. Vertical blockage structure prevents plastic friction issue, achieving full reliability. Fivetech M.2 Card Clipper is time-saving, effort-saving, highly reliable and user-friendly. It represents a qualitied proposal offering both elevated assembly efficiency and higher product value.


Advantage features:

l   One press down to quick double-side card assembly (Time-saving)

l   One push out to release the M.2 card.(Effort-saving)

l   Vertical blockage structure, full reliability

l   Instinctive design, user-friendly



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