Fivetech SMT Solder Stop Nut prevent the backflow of solder paste during SMT assembly to prevent thread contamination or damage.


Although the SMT process refers to the technology of melting tin as glue to the stable mechanical parts on the panel, the excess liquid tin can easily flow back to the inside of the bracket / nut, causing serious damage and pollution. The inflowing tin can damage the thread of the part. It forms tin shavings, uneven thread spirals, tin bumps and other defects. Due to the forced tightening, it is impossible to screw in and the solder spatters. Solder splatter not only damages the parts, but also causes tin chips to splash onto the PCB board, resulting in greater mechanical problems. The possibility of short circuit is also very high. This defect severely increases the failure rate of the product and increases the cost of rework. To make matters worse, due to rework, the production time will be extended.


Fivetech SMT Solder Stop Nut welding technology is the best way to solve this problem. The solder resist requires a stop ring plug that is mechanically placed at the bottom of the nut / support. It seamlessly matches the thread size. When SMT is used to mechanically seal these parts to the panel, the stop ring stop ring prevents liquid tin from flowing into the threaded hole. Therefore, it can keep the thread intact. It can then be easily removed by tool punching without leaving any marks or damage. The stop ring plug has high welding reliability, which can prevent the internal structure and threads of the ferrule from being damaged due to the inflow of the tines, which may result in the reduction of the float volume or the flow of solder paste between the PCB and the external ferrule. This may cause unstable reliability or other problems.


With the application of solder resist, defective nuts / supports have been significantly reduced. Ultimately, it can optimize the success rate of the production line. It can save costs, save time and increase the success rate. We strongly recommend Fivetech SMT Solder Stop Nut welding technology to bring benefits to our customers.


Fivetech SMT NUT 82 series can provide a complete product line for all thread sizes. The SMT welding process can eliminate the cause of stamping damage, thereby avoiding the risk of PCB damage. Fivetech 82 series SMT NUT used on PCBs have been widely accepted by the market. SMT technology has gradually developed into a mature technology, gradually replacing traditional assembly through its SMT process, so that the assembly process can achieve maximum yield, the industry can use the existing SMT production line, use vacuum nozzles to pick up SMT uts On the reel, pick and place it on the tin solder pasted on the PCB. Through the tin heating and cooling process, the tin is melted and cooled to a solid state to complete the SMT NUT assembly process. The SMT process can reduce the damage to the PCB caused by the placement of nuts on the PCB due to the deflection of the punch. This result is usually easy to damage the circuit board. In order to improve, the SMT process can accurately locate and obtain the maximum output.


The Fivetech SMT NUT 82 series completes the entire range of product lines in all sizes and models, offering custom designs and multiple options. Fivetech upholds the production quality advantages of quality control. From design and manufacturing to coil material out of the warehouse, a single production line ensures quality control. Fivetech SMT nuts have a high-quality appearance, which has won praise and reliable recommendations from customers.



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