Fivetech Slide Lock's lateral drive design is new  in the design of fasteners in server chassis cabinets. Elasticity generates resilience. It uses an angle mechanism to slide the module to lock and unlock. It can easily perform vertical operation in a limited horizontal space. Vertical sliding Operate to lock and unlock


When pulling out the server from the cabinet drawer of any server cabinet and chassis, the space between the server chassis needs to be restricted. Fivetech Slide Lock replaces the general operation mode from the top vertical operation mode to the fastening mode, but the advantage of performing the new purpose of the fastener sideways, you can easily use two fingers to pull the arrow to lock/unlock the plunger for release and assembly. Fivetech horizontal slide lock lateral drive design is the position-horizontal slide plunger, especially to meet the special needs of server cabinets designed for space constraints. The operation of the sliding plunger lateral sliding mode is simply to pull the arrow to pull out the plunger to complete the locking/unlocking action. Characteristic design structure Pulling laterally to lock/unlock the sliding plunger, the positioning can be achieved by hand pulling, and the sliding plunger can be locked/unlocked by pulling, and the design function of the pull handle can be customized.


The structure of Fivetech Slide Lock sliding plunger mechanism is to use the strong elastic force contained in the pin. The special funnel-shaped hole is specially designed for the sliding mode. The plastic knob parts are designed in a special shape, which is easy to pull the arrow. Even if it is used in any deep cabinet, we can also customize it to adjust the length and size of the knob. Lightweight plastic parts can be made into CI mark, which is anti-rust and anti-static. Sliding plunger can save space, improve speed, firm fixation.





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